Painting and Prose

Painting and Prose

Wednesday, April 10, 2019, 4-6pm

Location: Meet in the main lobby.

Ingrid Book.png

Facilitator(s): Ingrid Ellison, Artist and Andrea Curtis, Education Program Manager

Create a unique booklet that contains both painting and prose. Taking inspiration from both figurative and abstract paintings in the Farnsworth galleries, we will make small paintings that incorporate a solid composition, value structure, and color sensibility. After assessing the completed paintings, participants will use a technique of “free association” to find words and phrases that come to mind, using one of their paintings as inspiration. Using collage, we will arrange the text in a way that describes the mood or sense of place created by the painting, and combine the text and image into a small book format. 

Ingrid Ellison,  Artist

Ingrid Ellison, Artist

Andrea Curtis,  Education Program Manager

Andrea Curtis, Education Program Manager