Lessons and Activities

Bring the Farnsworth to your classroom through our inquiry based lessons and activities. New lessons and activities will be added frequently. 

Creative Writing & History


Creative writing & poetry

Notice this painting by Andrew Wyeth. What do you see? Based on the evidence in the work, develop a character and create a story for this scene. Using descriptive language, create a new label for this work of art!

  • Create a story (What happens next!?)

  • Write a poem (Consider mood/tone)

Historical Research & Writing

This work depicts the interior of the Old German Meeting House, a historical landmark in Waldoboro, Maine. Research the setting of this work of art and create an informative label.

  • Research early settlements in America

  • Study German Immigration in the American colonies

  • Compare and contrast contemporary immigration and immigration throughout history

MAIDENHAIR, 1974 tempera on panel. The Andrew and Betsy Wyeth Collection
Copyright 2018 Andrew Wyeth / Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York

scientific observation and illustration

What natural objects do we notice in the works of art in the Farnsworth Art Museum Collection? What other object can we find in our own backyard? Brainstorm a list as a class and then use the handouts below to practice scientific observation and illustration skills. 

Writing Prompts for Scientific Illustration and Observation

Scientific Illustration - Observation Worksheet

Scientific Illustration - Our Local Ecosystems


writing prompts

Pair the Student Writing Prompt handout with any image from the Farnsworth's Collection for a lesson in observation or view writing prompt selections here.

Fitz Henry Lane, Shipping in Downeast Waters, 1854, oil on canvas, museum purchase, 1960

Fitz Henry Lane, Shipping in Downeast Waters, 1854, oil on canvas, museum purchase, 1960