FAM Transportation Request Form

This form must be completed when requesting assistance for travel and be approved prior to your visit. Please remember that this is an application only. Before reimbursement is issued, please note that an evaluation providing feedback about your school visit will need to be completed. 


The Farnsworth Art Museum can assist schools that are unable to visit due to travel cost and distance.  We also understand that funding for "field trip" activities is not consistent from school to school.  With this variety in mind, the Farnsworth works with schools on an individual basis. We think of this as a partnership in effort and resource to meet a common goal.  It is important that we understand the specific needs of your school, available funding and plans to assist towards this goal. We are sure that our combined efforts will result in a successful journey!  

If you prefer to complete the form to mail you may download it here.  

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Please list the following: 1) Date of Tour, 2) Time of Tour, 3) Grade, 4) Total Number of Students, and 5) Adult Chaperones (1 per 10 students)
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Schools that have funding we ask to provide partial assistance to subsidize field trips to the museum. Does your school have funding for field trips of any kind?
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