Writing Prompts


To help assess student development and growth during the program year, we recommend the following writing prompts:



Instruct students to look carefully at the work of art.  Without any discussion, ask students to complete the following writing prompts using descriptive language and evidence from the work of art.  Allow for 5 minutes for each question.  

  • What do you see? Using descriptive language, describe what you see in this painting. 
  • What do you think? What do you imagine is happening in this work of art?  What is it about?  What is going on?
  • What do you wonder? What questions do you have about this work of art, the subjects, or the composition?  What are you curious about?


  • Writing Prompt #1 - Prior to your first museum noticing activity (Baseline)
  • Writing Prompt #2 - Immediately following your foundations field trip
  • Writing Prompt #3 - At the completion of the program