With support from generous donors and granting agencies, the Farnsworth Art Museum is pleased to offer transportation assistance for Maine Schools. To request funds from our transportation budget, please follow the procedure below.

To request transportation assistance, please submit this form Education Department before your field trip. This form reflects the estimated cost of your field trip and specifies the amount of assistance requested from the museum. Transportation invoices will not be processed in the museum finance office without pre-approval of the Education Department via this form. The museum reserves the right to decline or approve requests based on available funds.  Please clearly identify yourself as a Stories participant.

You may also download a PDF of the form here to submit via fax or post.

After your field trip, the museum requests that beneficiaries of grant-supported programs complete an evaluation of their experience. These evaluations are important tools in improving our programs and helping us fundraise more free opportunities for schools and teachers. Evaluations will need to be submitted to the Education Department prior to the release of funds. 

You may also download a PDF of the evaluation here to submit via fax or post.

Once your evaluation has been submitted, please instruct your school’s main office or transportation office to submit the invoice for the actual cost of transportation. This invoice will be matched with FAM Transportation Request Form and processed through the finance office. Again, please clearly label this as a Stories expense. An official invoice with actual cost is required within 30 days of the field trip for dispersal of funds. Due to the high volume of requests, processing is estimated at 2-3 months.