Stories of the Land and Its People (Grades 4 and 7)

August - May

Registration Deadline: This program is at capacity. 

The Stories of the Land and Its People program is a multi-visit, arts-integrated, expeditionary experience that connects curricular learning standards to the arts. Students and teachers partner with museum educators, professional artists, and community members to study their local communities. A final exhibition of their work is then shared at the Farnsworth Art Museum and beyond. Founded in the curiosities of the students and teachers, Stories projects have included historical research, poetry writing, environmental studies, and more.  

Please review the unit components, learning outcomes, and partnership requirements below, and fill out a letter of interest if you would like to be placed on a waitlist for Stories participation. 

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Unit components:

Hope seventh grade students conduct interviews at a local mill.  Photo by Andrea L. Curtis

Hope seventh grade students conduct interviews at a local mill.

Photo by Andrea L. Curtis

  • Educator Workshop (required)

  • Museum Visit (Optional): Stories Exhibition Tour (45 minutes)

  • Writing Prompt #1 (Baseline) & Nametags

  • Program Introduction: In-school "Pointing with our Words" Lesson (45 minutes)

  • Museum Visit: Foundations and Studio Art-making (3 hours)

  • Writing Prompt #2

  • Classroom Lessons: Expeditionary Preparation and Art-making Practice/Critique

  • Expeditionary Field Trip: Project-based

  • Classroom Lessons: Additional Research, Curricular Connections, and Project-based Art-making

  • Museum Visit(s): Curricular Connections and Studio Art-making (3 hour sessions)

  • Writing Prompt #3

  • Classroom Lessons: Final Exhibition Preparation and Presentation including Curation, Labels, Student Writing, and Final Art Projects

  • Exhibition Opening (required)

  • Educator Focus Group: Evaluation and arts-integrated lessons due (required)


  • Final Projects: Project-based research and contextual information accompanying a final art-piece

  • Museum Connections: Connects to visual learning in the FAM galleries

  • Classroom Connections: Connects to curricular standards

  • Community Engagement: Connects to community members inside and outside of the classroom

  • Arts Integration: Connects the arts to classroom learning

  • Exhibition: Connects student learning to the community

  • Museum Educators and Professional Artists: Connects with museum educators and professional artists inside the classroom, at the museum, and in the field

Partnership Requirements: 

To receive free access to this program, participating teachers must complete the following:

  • Participate in the August Educator Workshop;

  • Submit permission forms and rosters;

  • Submit a transportation request form and bus invoice (if requesting assistance);

  • Submit an arts-integrated lesson plan connecting to curricular standards;

  • Submit final student work by the project deadline;

  • Submit an educator observation form;

  • Submit the program evaluation form;

  • Participate in the Exhibition Opening

  • Participate in the Educator Focus Group

Teachers are also encouraged to attend FAM Arts-in-Education Workshops and Consultation.  

Take a 3-D tour of the Stories 2019 Exhibition:

Take a 3-D tour of the Stories 2018 Exhibition: