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Stories 2015 Educator Workshop - Required

Location: Gamble Center                

Facilitator: Andrea Curtis, Education Program Manager

Contact Hours: 6

Stipend: $120.00 

Description: Stories 2015-2016 Educator Preparatory Workshop. This workshop is strongly encouraged for all Stories participants. We will review logistics such as scheduling, partnership goals, the bus reimbursement process, evaluations, writing prompts, and exhibition preparation.  Educators will have an opportunity to participate in gallery activities and collaborate with other educators on lessons. The day will conclude with a planning session and field trip scheduling. 

Preparation: Please bring school schedules, including any testing dates. Educators do not need to have a topic or theme decided, but please come prepared to share general areas of interest.  Former participants are encouraged to bring past Stories lessons to share.

Materials: Please bring laptops and all Stories materials.