Educator Planning Guide

This form is to help educators outline and plan student arts-integrated learning experiences.  We recommend that educators copy and paste into each category from a saved document.  This is a brainstorming document and therefore it is understood that these are tentative ideas in draft form.  Sharing your thoughts with us will allow us to better support you during this program.  Thank you!

Name *
Program *
Please check the Farnsworth Arts in Education Program you are participating in:
For example: "Ecology and Art"
What is the focus of interest in this study? What are you curious about? Be specific.
What curricular content do you plan to connect to during this project? Please include skills, subjects, and standards.
How do you plan to guide student learning during this experience? What questions do you want to investigate?
List museum visits, studio experiences, in-school lessons, and experiential activities students will/or have already engaged in throughout this program. Review the "Program Check-list" for ideas.
Consider how to enhance learning through visual and object-based learning experiences. Using the museum collection (or other methods), list lessons that connect student projects to careful noticing activities.
Describe the art-making experiences you would like to incorporate into this study.
What experiential opportunities or field trips do you plan to build into student learning? How can you encourage sensory experiences?
How can you include reflection, critique, and revision into your project learning experience?
List ideas for final arts-integrated projects. What does this look like? How would you present these materials? How can you engage an outside audience in student learning?
Who in the community can support student learning?
What outreach opportunities can students engage in to further this learning experience? For example: Advocacy letters to local officials or a community presentation
Program Checklist
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