Calico Maine – An Exploration of Colors, Patterns, and Shapes

Calico Maine

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

4:00 – 6:00 p.m., Meet in FAM Main Lobby

Dahlov Ipcar,  Jungle Pool , 1965 84.3.2

Dahlov Ipcar, Jungle Pool, 1965 84.3.2

Facilitators: Karen Talbot, Artist and Andrea Curtis, Museum Educator

Inspired by the works of Maine artists, Dahlov Ipcar and Marguerite Zorach, explore colors, shapes, patterns, and textures in picturesque representations of animals and plants in the Farnsworth’s “Marguerite Zorach – An Art-Filled Life” exhibition.  How can we use color and shapes to tell a story?  Joined by artist and scientific illustrator, Karen Talbot, we will practice techniques of blending, mixing, and shading in the studio as we try our hand at representing the Maine Chickadee using bold shapes, textures, patterns, and color. 


Classroom Connections: Maine Studies, Maine Animals, Maine History, Color, Shapes, and Patterns

Arts Vocabulary:  Color, Value, Contrast, Subject, Composition, Scale/Size, Texture

Resources: The Calico Jungle by Dahlov Ipcar and Marguerite Zorach: An Art-Filled Life by The Farnsworth Art Museum.  Available for purchase at the museum store.

Pre-Registration required (Materials provided)

Contact Hour(s): 2



Karen Talbot,  Artist

Karen Talbot, Artist

Andrea Curtis,  Arts in Education Program Manager

Andrea Curtis, Arts in Education Program Manager