Beyond Looking

Beyond Looking: Using Our Whole Selves in Responding to Art

Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

4:00 – 6:00 p.m., Meet in FAM Main Lobby

This workshop will present a technique to foster a full response to art, one that draws on our visual, emotional and cognitive abilities. Three questions will set the stage for deep and broad explorations:

  • From the Visual Perspective: What do I see?

  • From the Emotional Perspective: What do I feel?

  • From the Psychological Perspective: What do I think?

In the museum we’ll engage in various activities, individually and in pairs, orally and in writing. At the Gamble Center, we’ll explore the process and products of this technique, apply them to writing, and brainstorm about curriculum connections.

Facilitator(s): Ellen Goldsmith, Artist and Andrea Curtis, Museum Educator

Pre-Registration required (Materials provided).  Laptops for writing recommended.  

Contact Hour(s): 2

Ellen Goldsmith,  Artist

Ellen Goldsmith, Artist

Andrea Curtis,  Arts in Education Program Manager

Andrea Curtis, Arts in Education Program Manager